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Pictures of Chesham Bois

Chesham Bois was originally a settlement on the edge of Amersham Common, lying between Chesham and Amersham. With the development of Amersham on the Hill, Chesham Bois moved closer to Amersham and now there is no gap between the two settlements. The name Chesham Bois derives its name from William du Bois, who acquired the local manor house in 1213

Anne's Corner 2001
Anne's Corner. The post office used to be housed in a shop at the right end of the building above. A few years ago, this closed and moved across the road.

To see how Anne's Corner has changed over the years, click here
Chesham Bois Village Shops
The Village shops looking towards Amersham

In August 2002 the Post Office announced that it would not be renewing the contract at the Chesham Bois post office, which would thus close. The Post Office claimed that the area is served by other post offices in Amersham and Chesham, despite there being little close parking at these other post offices and poor public transport to them.

Despite a fierce local campaign (for details see here ) the Post Office closed in early 2003
Chesham Bois
Looking towards Chesham past the village shops.
The Ware memorial
The War memorial at the junction with North Road
Opposite the War Memorial

Photograph Courtesy of John Presley -
Autumn in Chesham Bois Woods
In the middle of the woods is Chesham Bois Common. Used for cricket in the summer
Another view of the common.
Brick's Pond Chesham Boise
Bricky's Pond, off North Road
Chesham Bois Carnival
Picture courtesy of Kevin Redford
The Common is an ideal setting for the annual Chesham Bois carnival.
There are a vast range of different types of houses in Chesham Boise, the above view is of Bois Lane
Chesham Boise House
Picture courtesy of
The current Chesham Bois House stands on the site of a much older and larger residence and estate dating back to the 11th century. There is evidence that the estate was one of the 5 estates (or manors) listed in the Domesday Book in 1086 as part of Chesham. By 1213 the de Bois family were in residence, they brought their name from France and it became attached to the Parish.

The extensive gardens of Chesham Bois House are open to the public on certain days. For more details se the web site
Looking along Bois Lane to the junction with Holloway Lane, both roads drop steeply into the Chess valley
Bois Road
A view along Bois Lane, looking towards Amersham
Chehsam Road
Looking towards Chesham along Amersham Road
Chehsam Bois School
Chesham Bois School
The Beacon School
The Beacon School
St Leonard's Church
St. Leonard's Church. Built in 1212/13, much restored in the 19th Century
Our Lady's R C Church
The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour on Amersham Road. Originally built ion 1915 and extended in 1952, the Catholics were relatively late in having their own church in the area.
Our Lady's R C School
Our lady's R C School, Chesham Road

* * *

Appeal for help from Chesham Bois Heritage Group

An interesting fact about Chesham Bois is that it is a village which has no pub!

For further information about Chesham Bois see here
or the Chesham Bois Parish Council Web Site here

You may be interested in Lola Richards' account of her childhood in Chesham Bois around World War II here

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