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Beale, Sturgiss/sturgess, Chubb And Pewsey Families

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My mother Esther Joyce Bowman (nee Harley of Penn) as a teenager worked for her Aunt Chubb in a butcher's shop in Amersham around 1939 before joining the ATS. I believe that Aunt Chubb was Louisa Liza Ann Beale sister of Elisabeth Beale (nee Sturgiss who married William Beale an undertaker and builder at Perfects in Tylers Green probably in the 1890s). It is not clear to me if her surname was really Chubb - it is unlikely that she is alive today. Aunt Chubb lived in a small white property on Amersham High Street/Broadway before World War II near the pedestrian crossing opposite the gardens near the corner with Whielden Street - I also think she had a sweetshop for which my mother did a paper-round and possibly also owned a milliners in Amersham. Aunt Chubb had I believe a daughter called Maggie who married a man with the surname Pewsey and had Alice, Frank and Will as her children. These are probably middle aged by now.

I have various old photographs of people and am keen to track down anyone from the Beale family or the Sturgiss family (it may be Sturgess) in the Amersham area. Or anyone who knows what the name 'Chubb' is. Why ? Because I am a Professor at Reading University (see and genetically the ladies of these families appear to have a very unusual European Caucasian origin. Ladies in the Beale and Sturgi(e)ss family should have smooth skin that tans very easily going golden brown and have jet black fine straight 'greasy' hair. Does anyone know of 'white ethnic origin' ladies like this with the surnames Beale or Sturgi(e)ss?

I also wish to find anyone who knows the Pewsey's and who may be able to shed light on Aunt Chubb and the shops around 1920s-1940s in Amersham. Are there any old plans of the High Street?

The Harley's of Penn and I guess the Beale's and Aunt Chubb used the doctor in the High Street (probably near the Raj Gate nowadays). Can anyone shed light on this doctor?

Hoping that someone can help me in my searches.

Clive Bowman

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