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The Changing Face
of Amersham Hospital

The New Hospital

The New Amersham hospital
The new Amersham Hospital. Built on the site of the old temporary World War II buildings. The hospital is still built on the side of a hill and it is possible to enter the building on the ground floor at the front, go up to level three and exit the hospital to the car part at the back - apparently still at ground level - all be it half way up a hill.
The New Amersham hospital
The new hospital on the left with the old hospital beyond. Although the new building looks large, it is really an optical illusion as there are quite a few small "courtyards" in the new building and not all the floors are full floors owing to the way the building is built into the side of the hill. Services provided at the new hospital include out patients, geriatrics, rehabilitation, rheumatology, dermatology, x ray and psychiatric.
The New Amersham Hospital
The new hospital buildings
The new hospital, viewed from the "Old Town" end. This part of the hospital was designed to house the new geriatric wards.
The Old Hospital
The old hospital building has now been converted to flats. The arch has be opened up to the court yard. Further building of houses and flat will take place behind.

Picture Courtesy of Mandy Simmonds
Full circle. The hospital in the 1930s does not look much different to the refurbished building of today.

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