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Views Across Amersham in 1981
and the Gas Holders

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For those with long memories, the below pictures may bring back "fond" memories. For those who did not see them, they may be amazed that the Old Amersham sky line was dominated for many years by two gas holders. or they might have been gasometers.  I am grateful to Peter Healy who informs me "Always gas holders. A gasometer would measure gas, not store it. The phrase was invented by the media and has stuck."

Next to the Dovecote car park, where an office development now is, was a gas station with two gas holders, one larger than the other.

They rather spoilt some of the views across the valley

Other pictures taken over looking Amersham in 1981 show the view before the by-pass was built and before the hospital was rebuilt, showing the old laundry chimney and 1960s nurses home tower block

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