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Old Pictures of Amersham
1955 Bus Garage Party

I am very grateful to visitors to this site who have provided the following pictures for display.

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I am grateful to Dave James, now from Australia, for sending the following -

"The pictures of the Amersham Bus Garage reminded me of the time my sister (Valerie) & myself attended a Christmas party at the garage.

During 1955, my Mum's boyfriend was a Greenline Coach Conductor by the name of John Barry (an Irishman), and I can well recall going on a free trip with him on the (I think it was) Caterham route, although we didn't actually get to Caterham because we changed coaches with the crew of the Amersham-bound coach from Caterham at Thornton Heath somewhere in outer London. This exchange apparently enabled both crews to be home earlier on the shift.

Anyway, as the Christmas (1955) festivities neared, John asked my sister and myself if we'd like to attend a Christmas Party put on by the Staff at the Bus Garage, and naturally we were both extremely keen. John acquired the necessary tickets and Valerie & myself were both so excited about the upcoming event. I well remember that the evening was a fantastic success and the staff of the Garage did us youngsters (I was 13 years old and Valerie was 11 years old at the time) extremely proud.

Above is a picture from the party (photographer unknown, and I don't know how my Mum came to be in possession of these pictures - she passed them on down to me a couple of years ago and I didn't even know she had them). I am the cocky-looking kid on the left with the white upside-down 'half-moon' hat on.

 Another picture from the party showing the wonderful spread set out by the Amersham Bus Garage Staff that evening. I am the boy in the exact center of the photo (with a white smudge going over my forehead)."

Does anyone recognise anybody in these pictures - I expect Dave would like to know email the web master if you can help.

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