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Old Pictures of Amersham
Comper's - White Lion Road

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Through the old "Amersham Community Voice" column in the "Bucks Examiner", Henry Wizgier asked if anyone had any old photographs or memories of Amersham to share.

A well remembered tradesman was Arthur Comper who had a shoe repair business he ran from a "shed" on White Lion Road. Henry was given the pictures below for publication on this site. The photos were taken by Ben Duncombe who lived next door to Comper's.

Taken about 1956, this picture shows the Irishman John who used to manage the shop for Arthur Comper, holding Ben Duncombe's son. Ben was the next door neighbour who supplied these photos to Henry Wizgier
Comper's was located on White Lion Road next door to what is now the One Stop shop, on the shop's present car parking space

This picture again shows John, wearing his apron, with Ben Duncombe's Mother In Law. Anyone know what the model of the car is? Dave James now from Australia writes "I think that I might well remember seeing the car, a three wheeler, on many occasions in the White Lion Road area and recognizing it (as a keen young 'know-it- all' in those days - and even now) as a Reliant, could it have been one of the 'Regal' range?" Any more details gladly received

The well know wooden building from where the shoe mending was carried out is clearly visible in these pictures. The business continued well into the 1990s

Ben Duncombe's Wolsley for which he paid 25, Ben Duncombe, John and Ben's son
The site today of where Comper's used to be

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