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Old Pictures of Amersham

I am very grateful to visitors to this site who have provided the following pictures for display.

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Picture Courtesy of Tony Crisp
The above photo was taken by Tony Crisp showing the house in Whielden Street he used to live in. At that time it had an outside toilet, no kitchen, but an old soft stone sink outside on the back wall, and just two up and two down.

Whielden Street

As can be seen from the above picture taken in December 2002, the house externally has not changed much.

Picture Courtesy of Tony Crisp
Another Tony Crisp picture. The wedding is at the British Legion in Whielden Street, estimated to have been taken in 1930's. Can anybody recognize anyone?

Picture Courtesy of Tony Crisp
One of the houses that was up a yard opposite the old fire station. All the houses have been demolished. We were not sure where this house was, so Tony Crisp told us "the old fire Station. The first station was next to what is now B&M motors, see picture on Miscellaneous Pictures 2 page from index below.

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