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Old Pictures of Amersham

I am very grateful to visitors to this site who have provided the following pictures for display.

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Picture Courtesy of Jim Simonds from his family's collection
The River Misbourne with the Old Mill. This is now 'Mill House', with 2 Bungalows built in the garden  

Picture Courtesy of Mandy Simmonds
Amersham High Street taken in the 1930s. The scene has not really changed that much, the biggest difference being the lack of parked cars. The Swan can be seen on the left with the Eagle across the street. The shop to the right of the Eagle is no longer present, anybody know what it was?

Picture Courtesy of David Woodridge
David Woodridge of Perth, Australia remembers a men's outfitters shop, Fuller, and recalls this is where when boys reached the age of about 12 years, they were put into long trousers and he can remember his mother taking him to this shop for my his, but not jeans of course, grey flannels!

Picture Courtesy of Mandy Simmonds
Amersham Hospital in the 1930s. Following the closure of the old part of the hospital and the conversion into flats in 2002, the building looks relatively unchanged, although in the time between the above picture being taken and today much has happened.

Picture Courtesy of Tony Crisp
The bottom of Rectory Hill circa 1960, looking towards the meadow, showing how it looked prior to the building of the houses and doctor's surgery. A new roundabout has just been built at the bottom of Rectory Hill

Picture Courtesy of Tony Crisp
The meadow opposite Rectory Hill. Literally just round to the left of where the man is standing with the ponies in the picture above.
A view outside  Old Amersham Fire Station, during the early part of the 2nd world war with the crew of that time. In the background you can see the old bus garage (now B&M motors)  it has not changed that much over the years. The  fire engine at that time was a Dennis early 1930s, the crew from right to left was; Capt Plummer, Superintendent  Line, Foreman Charles Mason, Driver/Engineer Bill Dean, Firemen Bert Redding, Ken English, George Langrish, Ron Breakspere, the last not know.
The above picture was taken at Wellers Brewery in Church Street about 1928/29. 5 of the employes are: Bobin Cox, Benny Gough, Arthur Burgess, Billy Dean  and George Hammond. A copy of this picture has also been supplied by Tony Crisp. At the time it was not known which brewery the picture was taken at, or who the people were, but now we do.

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