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Amersham Martyrs Memorial

Martyrs Memorial
In 1931 a memorial to the Martyrs of Amersham was erected on the hill near Rectory or Parsonage Woods, by Ruccles Field. The memorial can be approached either by a footpath leading from St. Mary's Church, or from a footpath (slightly over grown) leading from Station Road.
Martyrs Memorial
The memorial was built to commemorate the Martyrs who were burnt at the stake in 1521. The Reformation had some roots in the Amersham. Prior to the Reformation, Lollards were condemned by the Church for such actions as reading the Bible in English and meeting and developing their own ideas. As punishment and to deter others, 6 were burnt at the stake high above Amersham, so the flames and smoke would be seen by all and act as a warning. The daughter of one of the martyrs was forced to light the fire.
Martyrs memorial
The inscription reads -
"In the shallow of depression at
a spot 100 yards left of this
monument seven Protestants, six men
and one woman were burned to death
at the stake. They died for the
principles of religious liberty,
for the right to read and interpret
the Holy Scriptures and to worship
God according to their consciences
as revealed through God's Holy Word

Their names shall live for ever

The list of Martyrs is then displayed

A community play about the Martyrs has been staged in Amersham see here for details and pictures
Below are pictures of all the inscriptions
The following is on the right side of the memorial
The following is on the left side of the memorial
Amersham Martyrs Memorial

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