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This web site provides news, views and information about Amersham.
Amersham is located in the Chiltern Hills, north west of London
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Full Index of

A Potted History of Amersham
Brief description of the development of Amersham Old Town and Amersham on the Hill
A Pictorial Tour of Amersham
Select different areas of Amersham, see the pictures and accompanying text
On Line Guided Tour of Old Amersham
A guide you can print out and use to follow a walk around Old Amersham
The What's On Guide
A guide to what's on in the Amersham area - a free service - new additions to the guide welcome
Amersham News & Views Forum
An online forum allowing users to read & post messages on various topics including news, views, finding people, general greetings from around the world and details of local businesses and services
Index of Old Pictures of Amersham
A selection of old pictures from 1914 to the 1970, including a royal visit
Video of Amersham
A few video images of Amersham
Pictures of Chesham Bois
Pictures and brief text about Chesham Bois
Pictures of Little Chalfont
Pictures and brief text about Little Chalfont
Amersham's Churches
A list of the churches in Amersham, with addresses
Amersham's Schools
A list of the Schools, Nurseries and Toddlers groups in Amersham, with addresses. Includes details of some closed schools and school memories
Amersham's Pubs and What Their Names Mean
Amersham has many pubs, they are listed here together with what their pub signs mean. Also includes details of closed pubs, which have increased in number over recent years
The Amersham Charter Fair & Other Community Events
Pictures of Amersham historic charter fair and details of other community celebrations / events
Amersham Then and Now
A selection of pictures from the past compared to today.
Frequently Asked Questions & Local Information
Need to know something about Amersham? Accommodation, banks, doctors, councils and much more
Railways Around Amersham
The history of the railways around Amersham. Photographs from the 1930s to today, interesting information and behind the scenes
Memories of Amersham's Old Shops
Although physically Amersham may not change much, many of the old familiar shops are no more. This page provides memories of Amersham Old Shops.
Amersham Actors & Famous People
Which actors and famous people have a connection with Amersham
Amersham's Old Garages
Memories of yesterdays garages
Amersham Hospital
Pictures of how Amersham Hospital has changed
Films & TV Programmes shot in Amersham
Amersham has been used as the back drop for many TV programmes and films, find out more on this page
A Child's Life In 1930s Amersham
A dissertation by Bob Stonnel on life in Amersham as a child in the 1930s
Amersham During World War II
Details about the impact of World War II on Amersham, how it changed the area, notably the hospital and radio Chemicals centre
We're All In It ... An Amersham School Boy's War
Life in Amersham as a school boy during World War II, a dissertation by Bob Stonnel
Amersham Camps
During World War II and for many years afterwards, camps in and around Amersham housed service men and homeless families. little evidence remains of these areas now
Hodgemoor Polish Camps
At the end of World War II a housing camp was created at Hodgemoor for ex Polish Service men.  Find details here.
Amersham's Ghosts and Mysteries
Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Amersham has a few stories to tell
London Country Buses Around Amersham
History and pictures of the bus services that used to serve Amersham
A Potted History of the Architecture of Shardeloes
An article written by Bridget Clarke, a resident of Shardeloes, who has been researching its history
High and Over
Some history, details of construction and images of the iconic 1930s famous Amersham house
Amersham Martyrs
Community Play from 2004
Details of the popular play.
Details of the Martyrs Play 2011
Pictures of the Amersham Martyrs Memorial
Amersham Around The World
Where else in the UK and around the world can you find connections to Amersham?
Amersham's Mobile Phone Masts
Details of where mobile phone masts are in Amersham
Amersham at Christmas
Pictures of the Christmas Lights in Amersham
The Glis Glis
Find out about one of Britain's rarest introduced mammals living in the wild
Transport & Directions to Amersham
Now you know about Amersham, you may wish to know how to get to here!
Amersham Protests
Whatever the rights and wrongs of the issues, see how the Amersham area has protested over Post Office closure and pensions
Amersham Weather
Links to weather forecast and pictures
Tourist Information
Information you may find useful if you are visiting Amersham. A selection of accommodation can be found here
Finding People & Genealogy
Information for tracking down ancestors, lost friends and contacts.
Amersham Prefabs
Some pictures and details of the prefabs that used to be on St Georges estate, White Lion Road
The Old Police Station
Details and pictures of Amersham's old police station, very different to the station of today
Latin Epitaphs in St. Mary's Church
Translation of the Drake Family Epitaphs in St. Mary's church
Links to Other Related Sites
Here are some other sites you may find of interest, including - education, clubs, associations, businesses, etc.
Information Required - Can You Help?
There is much more that could be included on this site, can you help provide the information?
Raans School
Pictures and memories of Raans school
Copyright / Disclaimer / Privacy
This site is copyright. We also protect your details - find out more on this page
Amersham in the Press
Some examples of features on Amersham from the national press
Thanks & Acknowledgments
Details of who has helped create this site and information sources and services used
What's New
Details of new pages and sections added to this site
About This Site
Information about this site, its purpose and funding

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Pages Provided for Third Parties and Local Organizations
The content of the pages below has been provided by the organizations concerned, not
The Amersham Museum
Details about Amersham' Museum, what you can see there and when it is open
The Amersham Society
Details about the Amersham Society and how to join
The Amersham & District Residents Association
Details about the Amersham & District residents Association, how to join and copies of their news letters
The Amersham Samaritans
In need of help, the Samaritans may be able to help
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Amersham History Info
Developed by Amersham Museum this web site aims to make easily available the extensive collection of articles, research, photos and objects related to the history of Amersham

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